Career Transition Strategy

& Guidance Program

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We support Small to Medium sized enterprises with Cost Saving and Time Saving recruitment process outsource solutions.


With one of our Talent Aquisition & Management experts embeded within your organisation on a pay as you go basis you will benefit from the knowledge, networks, systems and expertise of a time served recruitment specialist for the cost of a part time employee.


This service will identify potential efficiency improvements whilst helping you build and maintain your own talent community. 

Our core expertise is within Supply Chain and Logistics, Retail, Manufacturing and Distribution.

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Dedicated support for Senior Executives & Managers 
Career Transition Strategy
Career Transition Strategy
Career Transition Strategy
Career Transition Strategy
Career Transition Strategy
Career Transition Strategy
Career Transition Strategy
Career Transition Strategy
Career Transition Strategy
Career Transition Strategy
Career Transition Strategy
Career Transition Strategy
Career Transition

The Career Transition Strategy & Guidance Program has been developed specifically for Senior Executives & Managers and is utilized by employers as a way to help manage redundancy or other situations when an employee exits a business. 

Here are some of the reasons why employers are choosing this program;
  • Contributes towards the employer and employee relationship ending amicably
  • Helps soften the impact of termination
  • Ensures transitioning employees are treated in a sensitive and professional manner
  • Allows for external support to help deal effectively with emotional reactions of transitioning employees
  • Positively impacts public perception of the employer brand
  • Increases the probability of future re-hires whenever it is deemed appropriate 
  • Serves as a positive influence when attracting and recruiting new employees

Re-entering the jobs market and successfully transitioning to a new employer is a challenging and daunting prospect for the vast majority of people.

It is often the case that individuals in senior executive and management positions have been employed for many years with the same employer, or have been headhunted throughout their career and have not had the need to personally apply for jobs, develop their resume or spend time actively networking with hiring managers and headhunters. They may also have limited experience using professional online platforms to enhance personal brand and search for new career opportunities.

This program helps transitioning employees to get a head start when seeking new career opportunities in a competitive and sometimes limited jobs market through professional guidance that can significantly enhance the success of the job search.

The Career Transition Strategy & Guidance Program Includes;
  • Dedicated support on a one to one basis
  • Fine tuning of resume & professional online profiles
  • Professional analysis of strengths and weaknesses
  • Development of job search strategy and target company lists
  • Guidance to improve preparation and boost performance during interviews and presentations
  • Market intelligence, expert tips and techniques
  • Motivational support, and an opportunity to address any anxiety or concerns

Completing this program in no way guarantees that the transitioning employee will find new employment, however it does ensure they are equipped with additional support, tools, contacts, and knowledge, improving their chances of making a successful career transition.

Bulk programs can be provided to support junior & mid level personnel during organisational restructuring or right sizing.

Employers, please contact us if you would like to learn more about the Career Transition Strategy & Guidance Program

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