Recruitment, Supply Chain, Logistics, Aviation, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Europe, Middle East, Africa


Quickly identify candidates for urgent

or unexpected vacancies.

Activate a watching brief for candidates with very specific skill sets.

Build talent pools for pending projects or implementations.

Clients gain access to the largest network of talent in the region for these sectors

One point of contact to reach multiple recruitment agencies.

Leverage vast in-country recruiter networks and expertise.

Specific focus and expertise within the Middle East & Africa region. 

Utilization of international market leading talent management software.

Talent Radar is an express talent identification service with geographical coverage across the Middle East & Africa.

Focus is on mid-level positions within Supply Chain, Logistics, Aviation and Aerospace. We partner with a select few companies, providing dedicated support on a low volume basis. The service can also be used to activate an ongoing watching brief for identification of individuals with very specific skill sets.


Activate Talent Radar as a managed agency service and we can also give you the option to work exclusively through one point of contact with the added benefit of being able to continue utilizing the networks of your current recruitment agencies without having to manage them directly.

This service is provided to clients for ad-hoc vacancies that do not require the detail and depth of research and analysis provided during our fully retained international executive search projects.

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