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With the growth of Ecommerce, fulfillment and last mile have important structures that need to be developed, improved and sustained to strengthen capabilities, competences and meet customer expectations.

To achieve their vision, retailers focused on developing Ecommerce business need to position the delivery service providers and technology at the level of the customer’s expectations.

Improve Efficiency, Delight Customers 

In order to help our clients to provide efficient fulfillment & last mile services, we have initiated a strong collaboration with various Ecommerce stakeholders. Large e-commerce players as well as various start-ups have identified last-mile services as a key differentiator vis-à-vis their competitors. In fact, the variety of delivery options (same day delivery, next day delivery) and the perceived quality of the delivery service are major decision criteria for online customers and hence directly impact an e-commerce players’ success in the marketplace.


The Ecommerce business is growing. The last mile team needs to be fully integrated and onboarded with all Stakeholders to have full visibility of core information such as sales forecast, commercial activities. The courier aggregator is essential to consolidate the last mile activity and we have already developed strong collaboration with Tech companies providing dashboards to generate accurate and efficient last mile operation and high-level reports


Technology plays a vital role in the Ecommerce industry; therefore, organisations need to stay alert on the tech innovations to support our ambitions.

From a full assessment of your last mile capability, to a dedicated in-depth review of one or more specific area's, our expert advisors are available to support you with in-depth analysis, advice, and implementation.

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