Graham Borthwick

Graham acts as the bridge between the shippers and service provider, he brings transparency, alignment and common understanding to drive profitable growth. He manages the cultural transformations to sustain operational, process or technical changes.


On request he will provide an independent assessment of your supply chain with expertise from more than 20 years of global experience as shipper and service provider. Graham uses end-to-end supply chain knowledge to identify improvements which he will then implement to create the type of collaboration that the best supply chains are powered by.


These skills have been gained across many business sectors and elements of the supply chain in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. With experience in outsourcing, warehousing, manufacturing, freight management, ground transportation, vendor managed inventory and spare parts logistics Graham has the knowledge to transfer best practices to your supply chain.

c/o Supply Chain Bridge


Senior Advisor

Top Management Resources Group

Supply Chain & Logistics Advisory 

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