Martin Dudek

Senior Advisor

Top Management Resources Group

Supply Chain & Logistics Advisory 

A Senior Executive Leader with 25 Years Domain expertise in End-To-End Supply Chain with focus on driving profitable growth in transportation and cross border  solutions for fortune 500 and medium sized companies. His skills have been gained through regional and country leadership roles with Robert Bosch, DHL-Deustche Post Group and Singapore Post in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.


With the ever changing market requirements driven by technology, AI and social media, technology continues to change procedures of supply chain and is bringing Demand and 3pl's to work together in an open system.  Hence his focus on new Generation Logistic solutions / platforms which will ultimately replace 4pl’s, disrupting traditional and antiquated processes, embraces the explosive, fast-moving wave of B2B e-commerce and automated logistics, for 3pls, MNCs and SMEs (small-medium enterprises). 


As a Senior Consultant and Key Advisor, Martin pioneered the formation of Arithmos, which merges cross-border express logistics with technology, including: dynamic routing, real-time capacity planning, leading to dramatic cost cutting, achieving 90% utilization of delivery assets and cuts costs up to 50%.  Using  variable cost models, acceleration of delivery processes and his innovative acumen, drives change management at organisational level.


Understanding deeply the opportunities and challenges ( both commercially & operationally)  that face large corporations as well as SMEs, on request he will provide an independent assessment and optimisation of delivery operations.

c/o Arithmos


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