GLCS Supply Chain Conference 31st Oct to 1st Nov 2017 - Malaysia

Top Management Resources Group are pleased to announce our partnership as official supporters of this years Global Logistics and Supply Chain Conference which takes place in Malaysia from the 31st of October to the 1st of November.

The conference is making a come back this year with a trendy impact on its theme “Supply Chain in Digital Economy”.

Digital has always been parallel to technology and that’s how it shapes the businesses and operations trend. This year on its 6th year, GLCS Supply Chain Conference decided to focus on digital economy and how it affects the supply chain including perhaps the whole operations itself. Re-imagining the existing supply chain being digitalize and how impactful it can be where there is no boundaries in trading.

Jack Ma mentioned at the Wall Street Journal on E-Commerce;

“establishment of a new platform on which we are not debating, not having disputes, we are sharing trade. On this platform we are promoting technologies as well as inclusive financing, so all (small business) and young people can enjoy the benefits of trade, so we are connecting the world with trade.’’

This is also means that anybody with a mobile phone can possibly become an entrepreneur. The entrepreneurial culture has become worldwide culture and quickly infectious in digital economy. Meanwhile, the logistics and supply chain is such a big influencer to the economy and the digital economy itself is another impact that influences its growth.

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