Senior Project Manager (Organizational Change, Learning & Development)

- NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Please contact us if you are looking for people with similar experience.

Experience: Over 14 years in the logistic sector in Project Management, Project Delivery and Consultancy. In the past 4 years has held pivotal roles in one of the largest cultural and organizational change and operational excellence delivery programs in global business, costing millions in development and roll-out costs, and in return delivering true transformation, resulting in global industry dominance. Has led & worked with teams in multiple countries across 5 regions and has lived and worked in Asia and Europe).

Current Location: Middle East

Availability: IMMEDIATE (Open to UAE based roles)

Salary Required: Circa $100 - 110,000 USD plus flights & medical

Executive ID: PBOA-166224

For more details about this candidate email us directly.

Please include the Executive ID or simply paste the full overview to the body of the email.

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