Director of Marketing MENA (Logistics & Maritime)

- NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Please contact us if you are looking for people with similar experience.

Experience: Senior Executive with over 17 years of experience managing marketing departments at startup phase. Launching key services and brands listed on regional and international stock markets. Extensive experience in developing and implementing 360 degree marketing plans leading to increase in brand equity, attracting new markets and achieving profits. Assignments include marketing a wide range of businesses in different sectors; maritime, logistics & transport, hospitals, food& beverage, and oil & gas.

Extensive network of contacts at senior decision-making level, corporate, media and government in the GCC and Levant. Trilingual, fluent in Arabic (native language), English and French.

Current location: Middle East (Open to relocating to any country in the Middle East)

Availability: IMMEDIATE

Salary required: Circa $150,000 USD per annum

Executive ID: POTC-424812

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