Logistics Manager / 3pl Sales & Branch Manager

- NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Please contact us if you are looking for people with similar experience.

Experience: 20 years in Freight Forwarding with commercial focus as Trade Lane Manager / Sales manager and Branch Manager in Europe and China.

2 years managing logistics in the Toy Industry as Logistics & Transport Manager Europe for a Hong Kong based Company. More than 10 years in 3pl Sales, specialist in China Trade lane, has worked as 3pl branch manager in France and spent 3 years based in China (Shanghai) Experienced in inventory management and procurement, International Freight (specialist in air & sea), Warehousing, Workflow management,Transport and customs.

Current Location: France

Availability: IMMEDIATE (Open roles to Asia and Europe)

Salary Required: Circa $60 - 80 000 USD per annum plus housing,family flights & school allowance for expat assignments.

Executive ID: PIKA-621552

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