Airships are coming to the Middle East!

Global Supply Chain has partnered with Brian Cartwright, Managing Director, Top Management Resources Group (TMR), to run a series of exclusive interviews with industry leaders to provide real time insight on the regional supply chain and logistics sector. Here, Cartwright talks to Julian Benscher, President, Skyship Services, about this new cargo transporting channel, the potential market in the country and region and the future.

Both Lockheed Martin and Hybrid Air Vehicles have made huge strides in this space and expect to have certified cargo airships operational within the next few years. Initial use of airships in the Middle East will be focused around surveillance, tourism and advertising, but more importantly the operation will provide valuable airship experience to the Airships Arabia team and the regional certification authorities. Airships are coming back in a big way and will certainly be a major disruptor to the traditional modes of air, sea, and land transport. Julian Benscher, President, Skyship Services, who is one of the world's leading lighter-than-air businessmen, the son of a former European tycoon, he's a man of many talents and who was one of the main investors and creators of boy band the Backstreet Boys.

Benscher has been involved in airships for over 30 years, he is the President of Skyship Services a US based company which owns and operates a fleet of Skyship 600’s, the world’s largest conventional Airship containing 666,000 cubic metre of helium and a 61-metre-long Airship. As Benscher is one of the key people in the world of airships across the globe, it made sense to pick his brains about airship technology in general and in particular its application for the logistics sector.

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