Chief of Staff, Logistics & Strategic Operations

- NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Please contact us if you are looking for people with similar experience.

Experience: Logistics and strategic operations specialist with 17 years’ experience, complemented by a further 19 years’ in mixed logistics / engineering based military defence roles. MBA qualified, currently operating in a senior UK MOD Chief of Staff position with a track record in delivering, designing and leading high impact projects and programmes. Excels at building teams that produce cost effective and enduring solutions, high levels of quality and exceptionally resilient programmes. Experienced and successful record in network development, KPI metrics, operational development, business continuity, disaster management, post-merger integration and operational target due diligence within significant air express organsations, globally.

Current location: United Kingdom

Availability: Within 1-3 months

Expected salary: In the region of £75,000 for UK based positions, open to discussion on package for overseas roles.

Executive ID: PVQT-401838

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