Future Warehouse 2019 - 12 to 14 March, Dubai

Top Management Resources Group are proud to be partners for Future Warehouse 2019 which is taking place on 12-14 March at the Inter Continental Dubai Marina, UAE

Re-engineering into a SMARTER warehouse with advanced operation and innovation, transforming it into a revenue generating centre by creating a synergy between people, processes and technologies.

Key Topics

  • SMART Warehouse: Adopting New Technologies to Accelerate the Productivity and Efficiency of the Warehouse

  • Re-Engineering Omnichannel Fulfillment Operations to Drive Profitability and Growth

  • Warehouse Optimisation: Contributing Towards Zero Cost Warehousing

  • Enhancing Operational Excellence in Your Warehouse through Reverse Logistics, Inventory Control and Management

  • Data is the “New Oil”: Leveraging a Data Driven Strategy to turn Information into Profit

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