Tom Craig

Senior Advisor

Top Management Resources Group

Supply Chain & Logistics Advisory 

Tom is a leading supply chain and logistics consultant with LTD Management. He has real-world logistics and supply chain experience. His experience and capabilities are cutting-edge and bring authority and domain expertise to clients. 

He is guiding discussions on transforming supply chains. Tom is a change maker with supply chain management and logistics.

There is a global supply chain revolution that is crossing industries and markets. It is requiring SCM change. Inventory velocity. International Lean. Segmentation. Time compression. Extend supply chain upstream. Metrics. Process. Technology. Outsourcing. Supply chain complexity. Supply chain duality.Transportation. Inventory. Risk assess. More. How well you are doing? Ask Tom for assist.

He also provides consulting for 3PLs and logistics service providers. The Amazon Effect is redefining logistics and the role of providers. He works with logistics firms to develop strategy, create value proposition/unique selling proposition, and position in a dynamic, changing world. 

Tom has written over 90 articles on supply chain management and logistics--many are posted at the LTD Management website. In addition, he has spoken at conferences worldwide, including England, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, UAE, Chile, Panama, and Nigeria--and conducted a master class program in supply chain management in China for Chinese companies. He is on the advisory board of the Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society in Singapore.

He has an MBA from Penn State University, which is the leading supply chain program in the U.S.)

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United States

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