UAE 3PL Salary Survey

More than 50 positions surveyed including commercial and operational roles across multiple functions ranging from senior executive leadership to blue collar staff.

Regional Roles

  • Senior Executives

Country Level Roles

  • Senior Executives

  • Mid to Senior Management

  • Supervisory / Junior Management  

  • Non Management


Additional Information Included

  • Disparity between salaries for similar roles 

  • Breakdown of Monthly Package 

  • Housing Allowance

  • Transport Allowance

  • Business Travel 

  • Annual Flights  

  • Annual Leave  

  • Medical Cover  

  • Bonus & Commissions  

  • Additional Benefits   

  • Family Status Contracts  

  • Schooling Allowance


(Inc VAT)

  • 14 Page Report (PDF Format)

  • 11 UAE based 3PL's surveyed

    • 5 Major MNC's

    • 3 Mid Sized International 3PLS

    • 3 Local UAE 3PL's

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